Sprint adding as many as 20,000 cell towers

According to a report published on Thursday, Sprint plans on expanding its LTE capabilities by adding up to 20,000 new cell towers in the country and repurposing existing towers. The source of this information requested anonymity because he works with Sprint and the plans have not yet been made public. The figure is not final, according to the tipster, and there is no time frame for the completion of this task.

In addition to the possible 20,000 new towers, Sprint will keep the 10,000 towers it received from its acquisition of Clearwire. While 7000 of these towers support TD-LTE service, they don't have CDMA radios. Part of the work Sprint is planning on doing includes adding CDMA radios to some of these towers. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has said that the mobile operator will invest in its infrastructure and spectrum including using carrier aggregation in the 800MHz, 1900 MHz and 2 5 GHz bands. Sprint has an average 120MHz of 2.5GHz spectrum in 90 of the top 100 markets that it can use to increase speed and capacity.

One of the reasons for Sprint's struggles has been problems with its network. RootMetric's second half 2014 drive test had Sprint third in network reliability and last for network speed. Currently, the mobile operator covers 125 million POPs with 2.5GHz TD-LTE service, a number it hopes to increase this year.

According to S4GRU, Sprint has two expansion plans ongoing. Project Ocean covers 100 former U.S. Cellular sites in Missouri and Central Illinois. Some of these sites are already live with the balance expected to be turned on in 6 to 8 months. Project Cedar is designed to add 230 cites in Montana. Sprint bought these assets from Chinook Wireless back in August of 2014, and plans on converting the sites to dual-band and tri-band sites. Both of these plans are said to already be funded.

source: FierceWireless, S4GRU



1. GeekMovement unregistered

Is that an arrow pointing towards Seattle?! I hope it will help our area.

4. engineer-1701d unregistered

as I love the Seahawks because they are my team let's hope that an hour would point to DC area since is the capital of us and maybe we can get some good service around here

7. engineer-1701d unregistered

great just add 419 new towers in each 48 states forget the others and we will be good

2. NateAdam8

Posts: 439; Member since: Feb 17, 2012

What about New Mexico and Arizona?

8. engineer-1701d unregistered

arizon will have google fiber so forget it

9. rallyguy

Posts: 620; Member since: Mar 13, 2012

I wish I could get some of that goodness.

3. bugsbunny00

Posts: 2267; Member since: Jun 07, 2013

keep it up, T-mobile is on you tail..

5. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

I will stick with AT&T it didnt take AT&T years to fix their issues and they have such a massive capacity in areas I go that I never have issues unlike when I had sprint and when they added tons of new people my internet went from amazing to nothing.

11. TheRequiem

Posts: 245; Member since: Mar 23, 2012

Obviously you must have not been around when AT&T launched the iPhone, when they had 30% call drop rates and their data network would fail every two days, it took them two years to fix that...

12. JEverettnow

Posts: 228; Member since: Mar 11, 2013

Those years were horrible! AT&T definitely had worse service then, then my Sprint service has been the last few years.

6. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Sprint should change their name.

10. ggudino

Posts: 12; Member since: Aug 25, 2012

They should change their name to Nextel!

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