Sprint Moto X getting Android 4.4.2 update

Sprint Moto X getting Android 4.4.2 update
Motorola just keeps on pushing software updates. Obviously, Motorola makes it look easy, but the company's near-stock Android policy does make that quite a bit easier. Motorola pushed out the Android 4.4 update for the Moto X in record time, and recently it has been working on getting its devices up to Android 4.4.2. The latest model on the list for that update is the Sprint Moto X.

The update is the same as we've seen pushed out to the US Cellular, T-Mobile (aka unlocked), and Verizon models of the Moto X. This means that it brings support for Google Cloud Print to a number of apps, improved battery life, and a fix for Microsoft Exchange syncing errors. The update is rolling out now to all Sprint Moto X users. 

This also means that the only carrier model left to get the 4.4.2 update is the AT&T Moto X. Then, Motorola will likely be putting its efforts towards getting the update ready for its other devices like the new DROID lineup on Verizon and the ATRIX HD. 

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Moto X
  • Display 4.7" 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Camera 10 MP / 2 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Dual-core, 1700 MHz
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 2200 mAh(13h talk time)



1. md227a

Posts: 229; Member since: Mar 20, 2012

Lets see how long att will drag their feet with the update. Smh!

2. Mxyzptlk unregistered

*optimus prime voice* 4.4.2 Roll Out

4. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Lol, nice one.

3. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Last update before the government shuts Sprint down?

5. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Well, only one carrier left to get 4.4.2. Apart from possible bug fix updates, Motorola will literally have to wait for Google to come out with new updates before doing anything more with the Moto X. How frickin' sweet is that? I mean, when has this ever really happened to an OEM before? Now if Motorola will get the new Droids updated, as well as the 2012 lineup, we'll be completely, 100 percent set. All before the next version of Android comes out too.

6. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Too bad the world isn't perfect.

7. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

But Motorola's software update team is. :D Seriously, the other manufacturers won't just sit back and let Motorola keep making them look bad in this regard.

8. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Interesting note, the Droid line that got 4.4 never got the new dialer... why is that? Was that Verizon's call? Or does it not match the ideal visual for the Droid line so Motorola left it out?

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