Spotlight: SMS Encryption is a no-frills, AES-encrypted secure messenger

Spotlight: SMS Encryption is a no-frills, AES-encrypted secure messenger
"SMS Encryption" is a free messenger which uses the AES algorithm to encrypt SMS messages on the sender's side. Once encrypted, messages on the other side can only be decyphered with a unique encryption key. AES, also known as Advanced Encryption Standard, became effective as a federal government standard on May 26, 2002. It's a strong and secure algorithm, and without delving deeply into the complex math behind it, it's safe to say AES is more than reliable.

As for the app itself, it manages to wrap its functionality in a friendly, colorful interface that doesn't behave itself like it jumped out of an obscure 90s 'hackers' movie. It also uses different keys for the respective secret messages, and it lets you create real-time private chats with another person. It's like BBM Lite.

SMS Encryption has some limitations, though. For starters, it can't be set as your default Android SMS app. It also doesn't allow you to delete messages for some reason, and it doesn't do MMS. It is customizable to a degree, still, letting you sort the conversations list by date, exclude messages sent by an unknown person, and request delivery reports.

Although SMS Encryption is still in its infancy and it is a little basic as an app, it already covers enough territory to provide the needed functionality to those looking for the simplest of private messengers. You probably won't see stickers and credit packs hit this one in its lifetime either. So if you like how SMS Encryption sounds, get it from Google Play for free.

Developer: PA SoftDownload: Android
Category: Secure messengersPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)


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1. hulk.dougan

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 09, 2015

i don't get it. why would you want to use sms? what's the usp of this app? that messages can't be deleted? why not use whatsapp (or, if security is a concern, threema)?

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