Spotlight: Cosmic Watch is a Swiss Made planetary clock with gorgeous space visuals

Developer: Celestial DynamicsDownload: Android, iOS
Category: EducationPrice: $5

The marketing tag "Swiss Made" should be well familiar to anyone who's into wrist watches and elaborately engineered "do everything" knives. Up till last year or so, one wouldn't necessarily associate it with mobile applications, but it just so happens that one of the most gorgeous apps to ever hit our smartphones is both a watch app, and a Swiss-made app. Such a coincidence! We're talking about Cosmic Watch, an interactive 3D astronomical clock with lush visuals and plenty of options.

What does the Swiss-made planetary clock do for you, besides throwing 3D-rendered stardust at your retinas? For starters, it has a real-time world clock to give you the local time anywhere on Earth by touching our home planet's surface. The time travel simulation lets you explore planetary positions in the past, present, and future; it can also help you specify the exact time of sunrise or sunset with the horizon. There's also a solar eclipse detector that will tip you off about this miracle of nature happening.

Using the app echoes Google Earth, in that you're presented with a 3D planetary model that you can freely rotate, pinch, zoom and generally monkey with. You can tap a geographical area to see what time is it in there, or pinch in and out to have a closer look at the gorgeous space visuals. There's a search function so you can quickly find your desired location and add it to a list of your favourite places. There's also the striking "constellation view", which maps the stars all over the globe and lets you trace their paths.

With its dynamic 3D graphics and the way it juxtaposes the Solar System against the line of time, we think Cosmic Watch is all sorts of cool. Interacting with the app's various views and options is great fun for those fascinated by the mysteries of space, and it's hard to find any legitimate fault within it. Perhaps an update to the visual assets could work well to make those graphics more presentable on those exceedingly high resolution displays of ours, as some textures can get a little blurry on screens reaching 1080p and beyond.

Cosmic Watch costs $5, which shouldn't stop you from trying the app for as many as 2 hours, before you decide whether it's a keeper or not. It's also available on Android and iOS.

Developer: Celestial DynamicsDownload: Android, iOS
Category: EducationPrice: $5


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