Spotlight: Call of Champions is an Android and iOS MOBA epic made specifically for mobile gamers

Developer: SpacetimeDownload: Android, iOS
Category: GamesPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

Looking to play something that's engaging, deep, and also free? Here's a tip - Call of Champions is a realtime multiplayer battle arena with cool fantasy visuals and intense strategic battles. The gameplay revolves around adrenaline-fueled five minute matches in which you'll employ lanes, minions, items, power-ups, and the virtues of over 15 characters with customizable talent trees. The so-called Champions span five classes across eight distinct realms, which means there's plenty of choice.

An original mode of gameplay within Call of Champions is a tug-of-war "simulation" in which you push the Orb Of Death down a track with the goal of demolishing enemy towers. You are also free to grab power-ups all for yourself, or share them with your teammates. And if you feel like pulling back a seat and watching the action instead of participating, you can watch matches in Spectator Mode with player follow, pause, and instant replay controls. Also, if your connection drops or you need to stop playing for any other reason, AI-controlled players will fill in for however long it takes.

With its short and intense matches, plethora of content, and technical optimisation (you are supposed to be able to enjoy it even on a 3G connection), Call of Champions is the type of MOBA that's made by mobile gamers for mobile gamers. You can play the game on most Android and iOS devices, and new players will be welcomed to a free Champion ($4 value) in their first week of gaming. Non too shabby!


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