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Spotify wants to suggest songs based on how you feel

Spotify wants to suggest songs based on how you feel
Don’t you just hate it when you feel down and don’t really know what to listen to? All the tedious browsing and searching for a song to soothe your mood feels like really hard work. Thanks to a new Spotify patent soon the streaming service could suggest songs based on your emotional state.

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The patent in question was filed back in 2018, but the USPO (United States Patent Office) approved the papers on January 12, 2021. In order to “guess” your mood, Spotify would rely on speech recognition algorithms and machine learning. Then, based on cues such as "intonation, stress, rhythm" the app would determine whether you are "happy, angry, sad or neutral".

Spotify could then suggest music reflecting your current mood and take into account the social setting as well - "alone, small group, party." The results would be combined with other parameters - such as the user's previously-played songs, or their friends' taste in music - to further improve recommendations.

The newly granted patent follows another Spotify patent from September last year. The so-called Karaoke feature that the streaming service patented allows users to "overlay a music track with their own vocals." So, maybe next time you order your digital servant to “play some music” it will surprise you with an appropriate pick, and even let you sing along. Bear in mind though that these are just patents and they may not see the light of day.
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