Spotify premium users are getting a new feature on Android and iOS

Spotify premium users are getting a new feature on Android and iOS
Spotify is making it easier for Premium users on mobile phones to fine-tune their playlists while listening to their favorite tunes. Although playlists contain only those songs and albums that one likes to listen to, curated playlists aren't guaranteed to include 100% songs that you might like, so you'll probably want to skip those that don't suit your taste.

Not to worry though, as Spotify has just announced that starting today, Premium users on Android and iOS will be able to hide songs in playlists. Thanks to the newly added Hide feature, users will be able to further personalize their playlists to listen exactly what they wish.

The Hide feature is perfect for those playlists created by Spotify or other users. To start hiding songs in a playlist, simply head to the context menu and select “Hide song.” All hidden songs will have a mark next to them and will be skipped automatically in their playlists.

Naturally, you'll be able to “unhide” all songs that you've decided to skip by repeating the process and unticking the “Hide song” option. Sadly, the new feature is only available to Premium users, so if you're not a subscriber, you most likely won't see it in your app.

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