Special Edition BlackBerry Bold 9980 for Porsche owners discovered

Special Edition BlackBerry Bold 9980 for Porsche owners discovered
Earlier today we got an eyeful of a strange looking BlackBerry handset. Despite the odd industrial design and the futuristic QWERTY keyboard, there is a connection to the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. Ports, the camera, the flash and the proximity sensor are all in the same spot that you will find them on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. Although the lock and volume/mute buttons and microSD slot are in different locations, the phone appears to be running BlackBerry 7 OS. All day we pondered whether or not this was a real BlackBerry or an elaborate fake.

What can you say about the physical QWERTY keyboard on this thing? Looking like it belongs on a device years in the future, the metallic QWERTY appears to have a ridge on the keys to offer some type of tactile feedback. There seems to be a touchpad in the middle of the four BlackBerry buttons and the word "Proceeding" has been etched on top. The back is made of a plastic material and the pictures show the device running on China Mobile's EDGE network.

After scratching our heads all day trying to figure out just what this device could be, BlackBerryOS said that it is made by RIM and is a special edition known as the BlackBerry Bold 9980 made for Porsche owners, and code named the Knight. We actually have some video of the phone in action. What do you think of this strange BlackBerry? Let us know by simply dropping your comments in the box below!

source: N4BB, BerryCN (translated) via BlackBerryOS
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