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Space Shooter X is a free Windows Phone exclusive waiting in the hangar

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Space Shooter X is a free Windows Phone exclusive waiting in the hangar

Space Shooter X is a free top-down aerial shooter, exclusive for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8. Like the majority of its counterparts, the game is inspired by the all-time bullet-hell classic, Raiden. But this one is said to require nimble fingers and smart thinking.

The player must recognize the enemy units' attack patterns and make use of appropriate power-ups at the right times. The more tactically-minded players will find tips and combat wisdom in the game's About/Help page.

As usual, the player's ship can be upgraded with a choice of laser weapons, spread fire, homing missiles, torpedoes, speed boosts, and bombs that obliterate everything in sight. You can't have a top-down shooter without the compulsory stop at some intergalactic chop-shop between levels.

The graphics look pretty nice, opting for a modern brushed look, instead of the beloved, but done-to-death retro 8-bit style. The game also features original music and sound effects, as well as global and country-wide leader-boards. Yes, you can strive to become the best Space Shooter X player in your country, which sounds like an excellent date opener (not).

If you want to jump in the cockpit of this cool freebie, follow the link below. And if you are on Windows Phone and on the lookout for more top-down shooters, check this one out, too.

Download: Windows Phone

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