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Sony entering the mobile games market with a golf title

The gaming scene is changing, and mobile games become more and more significant. This, among other things, is making companies that wouldn't touch smartphones with a ten-foot pole before, try and release games for mobile. After Nintendo, Sony is also making its debut on the platform.

Sony will play it safe with its first mobile title. The Japanese title will be releasing an Everybody's Golf game, starting with Japan only for now. The franchise is 20 years old already, but it can hardly be described as a hit Sony game. However, it has the potential to be a great fit for mobile titles, thanks to its casual nature and simple gameplay.

The reason for the game to be Japan-exclusive (at least for the time being) is mostly due to the PS4's performance at home. The console isn't selling as well in Japan, as it is in Western markets. The main culprit for the PS4's performance at home is mobile, as local users prefer to play on their smartphones, as opposed to consoles.

In case you're waiting for a bit more exciting mobile title by Sony, however, don't worry. Among the games that the PlayStation creators promised for smartphones are Arc the Lad, Wild Arms, and Disgaea, so titles for the more hardcore gamer are also coming at some point.

Everybody's Golf will be free on iOS and Android, and it will rely on in-app purchases for monetization.

via SlashGear


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