Sony Xperia Z1 Preview Q&A: We answer

Sony Xperia Z1 Preview Q&A: We answer
You guys have asked a ton of interesting questions regarding our Sony Xperia Z1 preview, and so we'll now try to return the favor and provide the answers you were looking for.

So, here we go!

Question by shy2papa

Answer: There is no official information confirming the existence of a 32 GB Xperia Z1 yet. The handset is expected to ship with 16 GB of internal storage only, with about 11 GB of those being accessible to the user. Thankfully, it features microSD card slot, allowing you to install external memory.

Question by HeWhoDoesNothing

Answer: It's a bit too early to tell, but hang in there, because we'll soon have the results from our custom battery test ready, and you'll be able to compare the Z1's battery life to those of other premium smartphones.

Question by Amir1

Answer: We can't necessarily rank the Z1's display, but it's certainly among the better ones. It's not at the same level as some other high-quality IPS LCD displays, such as those of the iPhone 5 and the HTC One, but it's among the better ones.

Question by saravanan083

Answer: While we can't say just yet, you should definitely stay tuned, because we'll soon have an in-depth comparison featuring the Xperia Z1 and the G2.

Question by SPIDERMAN4

Answer: Absolutely!

Question by xperiaDROID

Answer: The Xperia Z1 is, in a way, a better, faster and more refined Xperia Z, in almost every aspect. However, if you currently own the Z, we don't really think that upgrading to the Z1 would be worth it. There's not so much new stuff to warrant a new purchase.

Question by istitch

Answer: In our opinion, no, it's not too heavy. It definitely feels heavier than competitive smartphones, but it's far from tiring or anything like that. You can comfortably use it for whatever you wish, even for longer periods without pause.

Question by GamePlayer

Answer: The Triluminos screen is definitely a nice move forward for Sony's displays, but it can't rival the best IPS LCD screens out there, like the ones on the iPhone 5 and the HTC One.

Question byAliNSiddiqui

Answer: Sadly, the Xperia Z1 has a much weaker loudspeaker compared to the Note II and the iPhone 5. Direct sunlight visibility is also slightly worse than that of the LG G2 and iPhone 5, but almost insignificantly worse..

Question by jinx405

Answer: If you happen to have a pair of really nice earphones, audio quality with the Xperia Z1 will be great.

Question by Khanro

Answer: The resolution of pictures when using regular burst shots is 8 MP (3840 x 2160 pixels), no matter if you're shooting at regular or high speed.

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