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Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact price and release dates


In case you've missed the IFA 2016 brouhaha today, Sony came out swinging with two brand new and exciting handsets - the Xperia XZ, and the Xperia X Compact munchkin. With a metallic design, enhanced 23 MP cameras with "triple image sensing" technology, i.e. Predictive Hybrid AF plus Laser AF, plus RGBC-IR color sensor, the two phones are the best that the X-line has offered so far.

Sony is equipping the new phones with a USB-C connector for the first time, and has souped up the sound recording and playback abilities. The XZ is waterproof, while the 4.6" munchkin this time doesn't come with the latest and greatest Snapdragon, but will apparently be offered at a "midrange price," which for Sony could mean anything in the $450-$500 realm. The Xperia XZ, on the other hand, will be commanding "flagship" tag, so you can expect the price to hover at the $600+ mark.

We have to pick those two and put them through their review paces before we place any verdict on the value-for-money ration here, and will be able to do so soon enough, as the Xperia X Compact release date is this fine September month (on the 25th in the US), while the XZ will be shipping on October 23 here.
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