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Sony Xperia Compact making a return? What?

Sony Xperia Compact making a return? What?
Sony's Compact line of phones haven't had the best of runs. They started off by launching alongside the most current flagship, bearing similar top-tier specs, in a much smaller body. Honestly, that's still commendable, because not many manufacturers risk making powerful phones in a tiny footprint. Sadly, it seems there's good reason for that — most users aren't really interested in a tiny smartphone nowadays. So, the Compact line kind of went silent for a while.

Last we saw something we could call a spiritual successor to the Compact, it was the Sony Xperia 5. The same powerhouse as the Xperia 1, with the same impressive camera setup, in a much smaller body. And we thought the line had mutated into that now. But nope... not according to this latest rumor.

Allegedly, the Compact line will be moving to high-midrange line. Rumor says that — instead of having the same powerful internals as the next Sony flagship — an upcoming "Compact"-named phone will rock the upper-midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. It will have the same extra-tall 21:9 aspect ratio. We don't have the screen size, but the leak says the phone's body will measure at 2.4 in x 5.4 in (60 mm x 138 mm). That's slightly narrower and very noticeably shorter than the Xperia 5. So, maybe the next Xperia flagship won't have an enormous forehead? We'll have to wait and see if there's any credence to that rumor at all.

Are you a fan of the small phones? Will you throw money at a 2020 Sony Xperia Compact as soon as you see it?
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