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Sony Xperia C3 photographed next to Xperia T3

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Sony Xperia C3 photographed next to Xperia T3
Sony announced two new smartphones in the last couple of months: the Xperia T3 and Xperia C3, both of which are ultra-thin mid-end devices with large displays. While the Xperia T3 is already available to buy in some markets, the C3 will only be released starting August. Until then, if you want to see the C3 next to the T3, you can do it in the slideshow below - thanks to someone in China who managed to gather the two handsets under the same roof.

Both the T3 and C3 have 720p displays, but the latter is a bit larger, because its screen measures 5.5-inches, while the screen of the T3 is a 5.3-inch one. Other differences: the Xperia C3 comes with a wide-angle 5MP front-facing camera (which allegedly makes it the word’s best selfie phone) that you won’t find on the T3. However, the Xperia T3 also has something that the C3 lacks: a stainless steel chassis.

All in all, the two new Xperias have a lot of common features, including Android KitKat, quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 2,500 mAh batteries. The Xperia C3 is the mint-colored handset below, while the T3 is the purple one. Let us know which one you like best!

Source: Digi-wo (in Chinese) via XperiaBlog


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