After Apple, Sony may use OLED screens on its upcoming flagship phones


According to a report from Japanese publication Nikkan, Sony Mobile is planning to introduce an Xperia smartphone sporting an OLED display sometime in 2018. Until now, Sony relied exclusively on LCD panels for its smartphones, so this would be the very first Xperia handset to feature an OLED screen.

Nikkan notes that this upcoming OLED-equipped Xperia will be a top of the line model, and Sony wants to "differentiate it from competitors" with enhanced processor performance and superior battery life. For now, this is all the info we have on the smartphone.

Widely used by Samsung, OLED displays have meaningful advantages over LCD ones, including higher contrast ratios, and the fact that they can be thinner and more flexible. These are some of the reasons why Apple is expected to use OLED screens for the very first time on at least one of its new iPhone models later this year. We're certainly not surprised to hear that Sony also intends to launch smartphones using this display technology.

P.S.: Pictured above is the Xperia XZ, which features a 5.2-inch IPS LCD screen.

source: Nikkan (translated) via Xperia Blog

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