Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 coming this month!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 coming this month!
After rumors that the top-shelf Sony Ericsson phone, the Xperia X1, will be delayed until late December or even next year, today SE officially announced that it will be launched on September 30. After twenty days, it will be officially offered in three countries across Europe: UK, Germany and Sweden. Additional 32 countries across the world are listed as getting it in Q4 2008, but the North America availability is said to be announced “in the coming months”. While we hope that the U.S. version will arrive before the end of the year, it seems more likely that it will be launched just as 2009 starts. Even though the European variant will be offered in the U.S. by online retailers, it won’t really be worth it, supporting the 1900 MHz 3G band (in addition to the European ones) but not the 850 MHz.

Sony Ericsson now lists two variants of the Xperia X1; both are quad-band GSM phones with tri-band 3G support. The European version will have 3G at 900/1900/2100 MHz and the other version is AT&T-friendly, with 850/1900/2100 MHz on board. The manufacturer no longer lists a version with UMTS 1700 MHz, which was shown at the time of the announcement, and would have been usable with T-Mobile USA’s 3G.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Specifications

source: Sony Ericsson



1. MARIUS unregistered

Screw this I cant wait for this phone anymore. I dont care how nice it is. I read an article that the Xperia will be a #1 priority in America but i guess not. How do they expect to even compete with phone if they are gonna wait till WM7 and Android are out to actually start offering it to the American public with an old OS.

12. stuffit unregistered

Yeah - im sick of waiting too!! I spoke with Sony Australia direct and they tell me it will be here in March 09...... ho hummmm.... i think i go get a diff phone...

2. s.d.dongre unregistered

It's called being ahead of the curve, a high res screen and qwerty, this is iPhone domain, just better. if you are enough ahead of the curve you have the luxury to wait until things are done properly. SE should not release a new phone just because people cant wait to get their hands on one earlier.

3. unregistered

It's still a Windows based phone so we'll see if there are the same issues that plague WinMo devices.

4. unregistered

new day new lie... i'm sick of SE bitchin' around

5. unregistered

windows mobile need to be improved greatly, esp in the music department

6. Jc unregistered

WTF?!... no more 1700 UMA 3G band?!... Come on Sony Ericsson, get with it already!...

7. unregistered

Sony is having a big problem with marketing, sales, and strategy right now.. Just for mobile, if X1 lacks of sale Sony and Erricson may break up (according to Sony CEO). SE really need to have a better strategy in mobile. By the time this phone out.. N96, Android, BB Bold (or Thunder), Samsung i900, i850 already take some market.. About PS3, SEO kept delaying their products and service, such as eyetoy and Life (online social Stuff). That is why Microsoft already claim they are in second place of gaming entertainment and Sony is in the Third Place. Sony is really in trouble as I know.

8. unregistered

T-mobile might as well cancel their 3G hopes. No one cares anymore...

9. Gun Bunny unregistered

*yawn* talk to me when you put it out in CDMA flavor. Though with Sony's troubles being compounded by it's marketing blunders, I doubt that will ever happen...

10. unregistered

The CDMA flavor will be out in October in the form of the Touch Pro

11. unregistered

Why are you here?

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