Sony Ericsson 'Alicia' is another Walkman clamshell

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Sony Ericsson 'Alicia' is another Walkman clamshell
Sony Ericsson fans are expecting the 17th of June, as this is day, on which a bunch of new phones are expected to be announced. In addition to the 8-megapixel slider C905, there is now evidence of a music-centric clamshell, codenamed "Alicia".

It will be similar to the high-end W980 in functionality but will have different design language. On the front, there are two external displays: one is hidden in the upper part and the other oneappears over the music control wheel. The software will be enhanced for some interesting features such as visualizing the weather on the front. Expect more information when the phone gets officially announced.

source: se-nse, Phoner from Esato



1. C-Chickie unregistered

You know the phone from the outside looks acceptable but what is with the color change in the interior? It makes it look cheap which we ALL know it wouldnt even be close to

2. unregistered

more controls pads just like on the u900 soul and kf600...

3. DeeBee unregistered

We have to wait 'till 17th this month when SE will do some annoucements. Anyway this phone looks damn ugly, especially the interior

4. The Administrator unregistered

this phone will not be announced on the 17th as it is rumored to be running the A300 platform

5. unregistered

It looks very cheap, they should give it to Sprint. lol

6. at&t rocks every1's spcks unregistered

at&t should put this in thier phone market(invintorey) it look's like an awesome phone....

7. unregistered

its like that chocolate 3 for verizon

8. namanjohnson101

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 23, 2019

hello everyone, i really like this bcz it is very cheap and more controls pads thanks and regards

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