Is Sony Ericsson C905 8-megapixel?

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Is Sony Ericsson C905 8-megapixel?
Sony Ericsson hasn’t announced anything interesting for a while now, but there is information on a few cool upcoming phones. Recently, the Shiho also popped up, which is the codename for the C905. It is expected to be the flagship cameraphone of the company, with 8-megapixel resolution and lots of features. Strangely, it will use Xenon flash instead of “PhotoFlash” (based on LED), which was showed in the C902 and claimed by Sony Ericsson representatives as “one that proved better than Xenon”. In contrast to what some sources claim, the Xenon cannot be used as a light source when shooting videos and a dedicated one is missing; the LED next to the lens is for focus-assistance. A new camera software feature is said to be called “Smart Contrast” and judging by its name, it will be yet another useless software image correction, but we won’t give our final opinion before we review the actual device.

The new slider will be positioned as a high-end device and like few other recent Sony Ericsson phones will feature integrated aGPS for navigation. It will be the first non-smartphone of the manufacturer to sport WiFi. C905 will also have TV-out port for previewing its photos directly on a TV.

Although a stock photo already appeared, it is unsure if Sony Ericsson C905 will be announced soon. It is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of the year, in three colors (black, gold and silver).

via SlashPhone

*UPDATE*: The official Demo tour video of the Sony Ericsson C905 also leaked. It is expected to be announce on the 17th of June.



1. unregistered

I am probably the only one that finds the sticker saying "Show Off Unit" hilarious, but hey, laugh now, cry when you're dead. AHAHAHAHA!

2. unregistered

Lmao "show off Unit" lmao! omg hahhaahahahahha Very nice phone by the way hehe

3. unregistered

it could have 100mp but the images will still look like crap, sensor size and the lens are way more important than pixel count

4. jjjjajjj unregistered

the LED Flash for vidoe recording & focus-assistance the focal length 5.91 with f/2.8 ( the K800,k850,n95,n82 have 5.2 with f/2.8 ) the phone will be announced next week 17 june the wifi feature supports DLNA it comes in three variants, two with full support for UMTS and HSDPA for the respective regions (yes, the Americas too). The battery is good for 380 hours of standby or 9 hours of talk on GSM networks, or 360 hours of standby or 4 hours of talk on 3G networks.

11. nickkyboy unregistered

actually the sony erricsons have a focal length of 5.2mm the nokias have 5.6mm which is why the images look so much better.

5. unregistered

It's, in fact, equipped with a photo flash for video recording in addition to the xenon unit.

6. jjjjajjj unregistered

NO thair no photo flash It's just 3LED flash

7. Cezar2387 unregistered

there is zenon flash and one led flash under the selfmirror

8. saledigitalac unregistered

I hope that the new SE k900 will have the same functions like this one (i mean camera 8,1 GPS, wifi) just he will be prettyer. And touchscreen will be welcome :D

9. saledigitalac unregistered

And to change the software, they are boring with the old softwares!!

10. dku unregistered

that is great

12. lol unregistered

a total junk, but if this phone has a 8-16g of internal memory and a 128 Ram and Rom and a Os of Symbian, this phone could totally be cool!! oh, and the screen is too small!it should b 2.6 or 2.8 inch!!!!!!! crap!

13. steve86 unregistered

the screen is not small its the same as the previous SE phones 2.4 inches why is everyone saying the screen is small just because nokia and samsung have started bulking up their phones to make their screen bigger, maybe sony ericsson dont want to go that way and keep their phones small and compact yeah the scree is small in comparison to other other new phones out but its not different to any previous releases so i dont know why people have started calling the screen small

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