Sonic returns! Irrestible hedgehog is a part of next week's T-Mobile Tuesday

Sonic returns! Irrestible hedgehog is a part of next week's T-Mobile Tuesday
Next week's T-Mobile Tuesday will allow customers belonging to the nation's third-largest carrier to re-introduce themselves with a favorite video game character. We are talking about Sega's former icon, Sonic the Hedgehog. Next Tuesday, T-Mobile subscribers will receive a downloadable copy of Sonic CD Remastered, for PC on Steam. The Hedgehog is also making his return on a new game called Sonic Mania with 20 new runs. As you might surmise, the CD download will be available to T-Mobilew customers starting this Tuesday.

Postmates delivers meals, office supplies and just about anything you might need in a pinch. On Tuesday, T-Mobile subscribers will receive up to $100 in Postmate delivery fee credit. Additionally, each T-Mobile customer will be able to attend an opening week-end showing of the new film The Hitman's Bodyguard for only $4.

As for the weekly contests, there is one Grand Prize consisting of American Express Gift Cards valued at $3,500. That money can be spent anyway the winner chooses to do so. The Grand Prize includes a movie poster for The Hitman's Bodyguard and a Blu-ray DVD bundle made up of the following three Lionsgate movies: John Wick, The Expendables and Sicario. The Grand Prize winner also receives a check in the amount of $1,532 to help cover taxes.

Fifty First Prize Winners will receive a movie-themed swag bag that includes a poster for The Hitman's Bodyguard (valued at $19.99), a movie T-shirt (valued at $34.99), one movie-branded grooming kit ($29.99), one movie-branded bottle opener ($19.99) and one Lionsgate Blu-ray DVD action bundle which features  John Wick, The Expendables and Sicario. The DVD action bundle has a value of $54.97. Two Hundred Second Prize winners receive the Liongate DVD action bundle, and Eighty Third Prize winners get to take home a downloadable game code for the Sonic Mania game.

Overall, 331 contest prizes will be given away totaling $25,696.70. Good luck!

source: T-Mobile



1. justrt

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2. Luuthian

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I love Sonic and all but that's like a $10 steam game? On sale for like $2 all the time? Something like that. I'd have preferred a special Sonic branded device or something but whatever I guess

3. droiduh

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All of that money Tmo wasted on those "free or discount stuffs" could have been spent on upgrading and expanding their coverage.

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