Some info from apps with Google+ Sign-In are appearing in Search results

Some info from apps with Google+ Sign-In are appearing in Search results
This is one of our favorite things about Google: sure, the company collects quite a large amount of data on you when you use its products, but Google clearly gives back some interesting functionality to users with that data. Yes, Google is using that data to sell better ads, but when we also get products like Google Now, we think it is well worth the trade. Now, Google has announced that it is putting data from apps with Google+ Sign-In to use.

Google announced Google+ Sign-In for apps about 2 months ago, and while it hasn't spread out to a huge number of apps yet, Google is already putting that data to work. Google has said today that it is starting to rollout app activity in Search results using the data generated from G+ Sign-In. So, this means that if you use Google+ Sign-In in the Fandango app on your Android device, and someone searches for Fandango, they will not only get links to the app, but some of the more popular movies that people have looked up in the app. 

Right now, the enhanced results are only rolling out on desktop Search, but it seems likely that this will become part of a Google Now card soon enough. To start, Google will be using info from music and movie apps, including Deezer, Fandango, Flixster, Slacker Radio, Songza, SoundCloud and TuneIn. But, Google does plan to expand the range of apps involved in the future.

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