Some HTC handsets go 16 bit after Windows Phone NoDo update

Some HTC handsets go 16 bit after Windows Phone NoDo update

Updating your Windows Phone 7 handsetis supposed to improve the functionality of your phone, but it seemsthat recent updates have done everything but that. Some Samsunghandsets were brickedafter a minor update and now WP7 NoDo update has brought color depthproblems to HTC phones. Luckily, this time the issue doesn't renderyour phone completely useless, but decreases image quality to 16bits.

16-bit images translate into noticeablecolor banding, often occurring throughout the whole operating system. Put simply, with 16 bits you have a total of 65536 colors versus some 16 million on a 24-bit system. The difference is most noticeable in gradual color variation as you can see on theimage below where the background shadow looks posterized. Alex D' onMicrosoft Answers details the issue:

“I've got NoDo on HTC Trophy.Everything is okay at the moment, except a color depth. It wasdefinitely decreased from 24bit to 16bit. I see now bandings onwallpapers and pictures. It was not like that before - the gradientswere smooth and nice. Why it was changed and how I can 24 bit back?”

An unofficial fix has already beenposted on the XDA Developers forum. You have to change the followingkeys in the registry, followed by a reboot, but try it at your own risk as Microsoft hasn't come up with anofficial statement just yet:

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\PrimBPPdword 32

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\bpp dword32

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\PanelBPPdword 32

Have you experienced the same problem?Let us know in the comments below!

source: WMPoweruserand Microsoft Answers



2. fatexo

Posts: 221; Member since: May 21, 2010

WTF...???!!!! i was just gonna buy a HD7 or mozart and saw this..!!

6. shafboy

Posts: 179; Member since: Sep 26, 2010

My Mozart is fine after the update.

3. andro unregistered

Welcome to the world of tommorrow.......or maybe yesterday with 16bit systems. windows phones are a disaster,every update runs the heavy risk your phone will be bricked or suffer something like this. For an os with a terrible ui of ugly block panels and massive os limitations they really aren't helping themselves with big mistakes like this

4. Windo unregistered

Mr Andro(id), you suck. You saw a chance to spill some hate and you took it, right? No need to listen to what you say because you only say it in a bitter state of anger, true? At least the update is pushed through to all devices at the same time (if it wasn't for your US carriers cockblocking their customers). How are those Androids updates going? Many 2.3 handsets out on the market yet..?

5. Windo2 unregistered

Nice reply ROFL

7. sid unregistered

How can i sort this issue out on an omnia 7??? i have this color banding problem on the samsung omnia 7??

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