So, this Dual Strap System lets you wear a traditional SINN watch AND your Apple Watch...

So, this Dual Strap System lets you wear a traditional SINN watch AND your Apple Watch...
Such a cruel world we live in! You are torn between your fancy traditional watch and the futuristic Apple Watch. But wearing both together is a one-way ticket to Social Reject island! If only there was a way to enjoy wearing both without looking like a dweeb! Well, it turns out the world isn't such a cruel place at all. There is a way to do just that, but it's still weird. Meet the bespoke Sinn Dual Strap System that lets you wear your traditional watch on top, and the Apple Watch on the bottom of your wrist, simply turning your appendage around to switch between them.

The accessory is comprised of two shortened strap halves with toothed buckles that attach themselves to the two watches. Then, both are fastened together into the most digitally-analog bracelet conceived by mankind! Place the strapped together watches on your wrist and center them. You are ready to go out and attract all sorts of attention, wanted or not!

Thankfully, the strap system lets one wear the watches separately at any time, so if the social pressure becomes unbearable, or the Apple Watch gets too buzzy, ringy, and otherwise annoying, simply take it off and leave the old-school time counter on. Or do the opposite. You are a free individual in a free world. You can wear two watches, or just one if you want to, and no one has the right to claim otherwise.

Alas, the Dual Strap system officially fits only SINN watches (with band lug width of 22mm) and 38 or 42mm Apple Watches. But perhaps there's a way for it to accommodate your watch, as long as it accepts 22mm bands. Write to us if you ever try it! Especially if you ever try wearing two Apple Watches simultaneously. We'll respond with genuinely curious questions about your hobbies and personality!

source: SINN

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