Smartphones will soon outsell PCs according to Google’s CEO

Smartphones will soon outsell PCs according to Google’s CEO
According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, within the next 2 years we will see smartphones overtake PCs in terms of overall sales.

Google is the company that gave birth to the popular Android platform just about 2 years ago with their first handset, the HTC G1. Things have changed drastically in the years since Android went public. Nobody expected to see the OS grow at the rate that it has, as it essentially multiplied across several networks around the world while gaining ground on what is now its fiercest competition.

Traffic on the Android phones has doubled over the last year according to Schmidt. That is truly amazing considering that this platform is still fairly new to the game, and its main competition like iOS, Windows Mobile, and RIM’s BlackBerry platforms all had head starts.

So is this belief that smartphones will surpass PCs in sales within the next 2 years farfetched? Maybe not, but leave your us thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

source: Into Mobile



7. shafboy

Posts: 179; Member since: Sep 26, 2010

PC's actually might be overtaken in sales by smartphones, but they wont be replaced. Most people dont buy the latest PC very often, but thats not the same with the smartphone. A PC is usually kept for a longer period of time than smartphobes. I really dont think that we can even mention replaceing our PC's here...

6. rafaelininininin unregistered

This doesn't include parts of pcs, does it..?.. Most pcs are made from parts (mobo, cpu, mem, etc), and not bought from a whole-pc retailer (IBM, DELL, etc)

5. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

and honestly.. this does not surprise me. and i doubt i am alone here. internet on a phone is cheaper than through a standard ISP, the phone is more portable than any computer (and now the blackberry tab, the galazy S tab, and iPad coming out) this was easy writing on the wall to read. maybe i am alone here, but i wondered if this would ever happen.

4. XxVerbalxX unregistered

bold statement by the CEO....honestly tho most people ARE NOT gamers. I could see it happening...i just dont see it happening in just 2 years. maybe 5-10 years. if a tablet makes a phone call and runs android it is a just an android phone with a 7" screen so i can see that happening too.

3. Not Smartphones but Tablets unregistered

Tablets with phone capacity will dominate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first generation of tablets with capability of making calls, in a year we might be seeing more of these devices in the market and cheaper than notebooks. forecasting the evolution of these devices, these things will slowly replace desktops and notebooks at home, simply place the tablet in a stand at your desk and connect the device to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (if you don't want to touch the screen) and grab it to keep on the go.

1. Pings

Posts: 304; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

Intel says there are 1 Million PC's Sold every day, that not including Macs, and AMD's sales. I love my Droid X but there is no why that it will ever replace my PC. Also I'm a hardcore PC gamer, no device or even consoles could ever do what the mouse and keyboard can do gaming wise. Why do you think they don't mix consoles and PC multiplayer? It's because the mouse and keyboard has way more speed and accuracy. I read a study the other day where mediocre PC gamers where raping pro consoles gamers. For this reason no device could ever replace my PC.

2. NEL unregistered

YEAP. I agree. Can ypu run FSX FULL Capacity on a DROID X or EVO? LOL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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