Smart bandages will use 5G data and nano-sensors to help doctors track a wound

Imagine a bandage that will report to a Doctor via 5G wireless on how well a wound being covered is healing. Swansea University in the U.K. will begin trials inside of the next year on this so-called smart bandage. Besides using next-gen wireless service to send reports on the wound to health care professionals, the bandages employ nano-sensors to track any improvements in the injury..

With the information from the bandages, Doctors will be able to monitor a wound and recommend a treatment plan based on how well it is healing. Doctors will also be able to track how active the injured person is. Wounds typically heal faster when the patient is exercising and blood is circulating near the injury. 

While nanotech experts would produce the sensors that "read" changes in the wound, the actual bandage would be made using a 3D printer to save money. Professor Clement said that there are 1 million people at the Welsh Wound Innovation Center who can help the school carry out tests.

source: BBC via Engadget



1. phonehome

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What's a doctir?

2. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

a typo, it should be "iDoctors"

3. aman5mathur

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Catch up with the urban lingo man. Where are you, 1987?

4. trojan_horse

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Nah, not wanting my life being tracked and under dorctor surveillance. If I'm wounded, I go see a doctor for medication, I take drugs and treatment and nothing else.

5. SaRPeR

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"Smart bandages will use 5G data and nano-sensors to help doctors track a wound" while also causing cancer.

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