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Small-sample study finds 91% of people don't want Facebook Home

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Small-sample study finds 91% of people don't want Facebook Home
A new study has been commissioned to find out what people think about Facebook Home, and the results claim that almost no one actually wants the product. While we may not necessarily disbelieve the results, we wish that the study would have gotten a larger sample size before trying to draw a conclusion.

The study was commissioned by mobile app maker BiTE interactive and performed by YouGov. It polled just 1,000 U.S. adults, only 455 of whom were smartphone owners, and found that just 9% of those with smartphones had interest in Facebook Home. It is unclear how many of those 455 respondents were actually capable of downloading the app (those being users with Android devices compatible with Facebook Home); but, of that subset, 55% said they would not download the app. The data is divided into even smaller age groups within that Android subset, but we don't feel confident enough in that data to even report it. You can go to the source, if you're curious. 

Given that there are somewhere around 130 million smartphone users in the U.S. and Facebook had about 135 million active daily users in the U.S. and Canada as of Q4 2012, a study with a sample size that small is hard to see has statistically significant. But, Facebook Home continues to garner bad reviews in the Play Store, and there has been no good news regarding manufacturer support, so it is certainly possible that the numbers aren't too far from reality. 

source: BGR

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