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SlickWraps lets Pebble owners fake the steel look


You bought a Pebble early, and you were happy with it. Then, the $250 Pebble Steel came around and introduced a design so sophisticated, it made the original Pebble look like the all-too-basic piece of plastic it really is. You pretty much had two options – enter “don't care” mode, or pony up for the classier smart-watch.

No longer! Thanks to SlickWraps, a provider of "skins" for mobile devices, you can make the older Pebble (convincingly) fake the steel look for less than the price of a movie ticket. And not only that - there's a wide collection of designs available that turn the Pebble into a truly eye-catching sight. Call us vain, but design matters. If something looks really good, this adds to the joy of using it. And the wood, designer, and metallic skins in particular give the plain smart-watch a total makeover.

Check out how this video about how Pebble's “beautification” takes place. SlickWraps are available from the source link.

Source: SlickWraps via SmartWatchFans
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