Skype updated to support 4-inch iPhone 5 display

Skype updated to support 4-inch iPhone 5 display
Skype, probably the most popular free VoIP client, has finally been updated to support the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5. Earlier, the app would be letterboxed and not use the full four inches of screen real estate.

This newest version of Skype, 4.1.2, will run on devices with iOS 4.3 and later. It is now optimized for the iPhone 5, but it would still run on the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, as well as the iPad and iPod touch.

The new version is also fixing the usual few little bugs and you can grab it for free at the link below.

via The Inquirer



1. jstahl

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2. BadAssAbe

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PA No need to post a article about one app getting updated to work on the iPhone5 Reasons 1 Fanboys like me want to say "LOL My android phone........" 2 There's gonna be a lot of articles 3 iPhone 5 owners who actually care about this app will get personally notify by their phone "There is a update available" 4 Its not a real update/major bug fix/great improvement that needs mentioning Keep up the good work PA

3. frydaexiii

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Funny how even apps being updated to fit a new screen counts as news in AppleLand.


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Wow............!!!!!!!!!!!! And, more importantly, that's not the way Skype looks like on iPhone 5 (4 or 4S)! Let me know when it gets updated to 4.1"?

5. thelegend6657 unregistered

Phonearena should just post an article every month to notify people apps that are updated to support the iPhone 5 . Seriously

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