Skype for Android can now float your video calls over other apps

Skype for Android can now float your video calls over other apps
This is an impressive first for Android we have here and you may be surprised that it is coming from Microsoft. A new update to Skype has hit the Google Play Store today that adds an amazing new feature: your Skype video will follow you to other apps in a floating window. We've seen something similar in YouTube, but that was only within the YouTube app, this spans the whole system; and, you can watch video in pop-up windows on Samsung devices. But, this new feature in Skype will work across Android tablets. 

If you take a look at the new permissions for the Skype app when you update, you'll see a new permission to allow the app to draw on top of other apps. Just a note though: you will see this new permission on phones even though the feature is tablets only. That's the key right here though, because that allows your Skype video to follow you even if you switch apps. And, if you are on an audio call, you can still switch apps and the audio will follow you as you go. 

Another small feature has been added which allows you to pinch on your contacts list to show an alphabet list for easier navigation to different letters. Other than that, there are the obligatory bug fixes and performance enhancements. 

The update doesn't mention any minimum Android system requirements for this feature, but since it is tablets only, we would assume that it is Android 4.0 and higher, because there are almost no Android tablets left running an OS version older than that. 

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source: Skype Blog

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