Skyfire announces a new mobile browser

Skyfire announces a new mobile browser
In Palm Desert, California Skyfire announced a new downloadable mobile browser that should make web browsing on a smartphone equal to surfing on a PC. The application features full Ajax and Flash to help it bring the “real Web” experience. The company claims that, with their software users will be able to browse sites like YouTube, MySpace and at record speeds. At the same time they will not be required to change the way they surf the Internet, since the new browser will allow them “to access the same Web content, and interact with that content, exactly as they do on their PC.” Skyfire says that soon their software will support the Symbian platform. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

source: Skyfire



1. unregistered

this is going to be awesome.

2. Dorian unregistered

Will this thing support Helio devices?

3. unregistered

Eat your heart out opera!!! Now I can watch my pirated, I mean purchased videos on my motorola Q9

4. kst unregistered

It won't support any helio devices as far as I'm concerned, because Helio doesn't have any Smartphone/PDA's if I remember correctly. It also only works with phones that have FULL qwerty keyboards in it's beta stages. So the HTC Touch cannot take advantage of the beta phases of this application.

5. James unregistered

I cant wait to test this out on my device. I knew it would be only a matter of time. To where someone made an application like this to be able to surf the web, just like on your pc

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