Skyfire 2.2 now available for Android phones

Skyfire 2.2 now available for Android phones
Skyfire's beta version for Android has been updated to version, but we can round that off to version 2.2. As those who have used this software know, the Skjyfire browser allows users to access Flash video, switch between desktop or mobile views of web sites, offers tabbed browsing (supports up to 8 pages at one time) and makes intelligent media recommendations. The new build will give users of the browser from Android 1.5 to 2.1, an option to make it the default browser on your device. Froyo users will not have this option. The new build also eliminates some bugs that led to crashes on Android 2.2 (presumably Nexus One owners), and fixes the overlap between the browsers native flash capabilities and Flash 10.1. The video start-up sequence has been changed to differentiate between a pre-loaded video and one that is buffering, and pinch-to-zoom support has been improved for HTC models. Skyfire has also been working on fixing a problem that makes some videos stuck at 25%. Finally, we would love to say that Hulu will now work on Skyfire. We'd love to say that, but it isn't true as Hulu continues to block the browser from making a connection. At least those who have not yet received their Froyo update and don't have Flash lite can continue to have access to Flash videos. For those who need a refresher on the Skyfire experience, check out the video below.

source: DailyMobile

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