SkyFire is about to hit sales of $1 million with their iPad app

SkyFire is about to hit sales of $1 million with their iPad app
For a while there, SkyFire's operating model was a simple one where they offered their highly respectable web browsing app for free on various mobile platforms. Come to think about it, the whole operation sounds amazing when you consider the amount of money it requires to maintain the service – such as the required proxy servers and vast pool of bandwidth.

However, SkyFire seemingly modified their stance once they created their app for the iPhone – which ran a cost of $2.99 through the App Store. Still, people gobbled it up like nothing and eventually gave SkyFire an impressive $1 million in sales over a period of 3 days. And more recently, they released their iPad app on the eve of Christmas for the higher price of $4.99. The outlook seems positive since it's alleged that SkyFire will be making an announcement very shortly about surpassing the 200,000 sales mark for their iPad app – which translates to a whooping $1,000,000 in sales again.

Sure it might have taken longer to reach the same amount that the iPhone app managed to amass, but it's still nonetheless amazing when there are less iPads than iPhones in the world. Again, it just shows the kind of potential there is in the app market!

source: MobileCrunch
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