SkyBar feature makes its way to SkyFire 2.0 for Android

SkyBar feature makes its way to SkyFire 2.0 for Android
Back in February, we reported on how SkyFire purchased a company called Kolbysoft which worked hand in hand with the well received Steel mobile web browser for Android. Now we're starting to experience the results from that acquisition as SkyFire 2.0 for Android is now here and shows off the new talent they absorbed from the purchase of Kolbysoft. The interesting new feature with this latest version can be seen with the SkyBar feature which essentially aids in viewing Flash content on a web page. Instead of usually trying to render videos in the background when you open a page with Flash content, users can click the menu key and access the SkyBar which gives you the option of playing the video. In turn, this would decrease page load times and clears up the page just a bit more to make the experience of surfing a bit more gratifying. All in all, SkyFire is continuing to make ground in the mobile web surfing arena where it's surely getting more crowded – luckily they're still on the top of their game.

via SlashPhone


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