Siri is more than a virtual assistant in this comic strip


The Apple iPhone 4s introduced us to Apple's virtual voice-activated personal assistant Siri. And while Siri has certainly added a number of new capabilities since then, she (or he, depending on preference) is still virtual. However, in the world of comics, Siri can break away from her prison inside a device, and handle requests that she can't do in real life.

A comic strip found on the Go Comic app called Thatababy shows how Siri could be used if only she were a physical entity instead of just a voice. The argument could be made that under those circumstances, Siri would be just like a robot, handling difficult tasks that are hard or distasteful for humans to do. For example, imagine how easy it would be to have Siri change the diapers in your household.

Checkout the comic at the top of this story to see a humorous take on Siri. By the way, the family in the strip is obviously partial to iDevices. Check out the Apple logo on the iPad being used by the wife.

source: GoComics (iOS|Android)

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