Several new phones spotted on Verizon's rebate form

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Several new phones spotted on Verizon's rebate form
Verizon's new rebate form hit the web this week and shows several new phones that should be released by June 15th, which is the rebate's expiration date. While we were at CTIA last week, the LG enV2, Blackberry Curve, and HTC XV6900 were all announced by Verizon to be avaliable within the month of April and to carry a price (after a $50 rebate) of $129, $269, and $349 respectively. The XV6900 is rumored to be released on April 16th, with the enV2 and Curve on the 30th. More interesting however, is the listing of the LG Decoy (which we believe to be the VX8610), Motorola W755, Nokia 6205, and Samsung Glyde (U940). Since those have not been officially announced by Verizon, we are uncertain as to their prices, yet all do show a $50 rebate as well. Unfortunately, the LG Dare (VX9700) and VX8560 were not listed on the form, which most likely means they will not be released until this summer. We should also point out that even though an unreleased phone is listed on a rebate form, it does not guarantee that it will come out during that time. This was true with the Glyde first showing up on the form dated 2/19/08-3/29/08.

source: Verizon Rebate Form (PDF) via CarToys



1. unregistered

The XV6900 is $249.99 after $50 rebate. The prices changed since the press release; full retail is $419.99, 1 year is $369.99, and 2 year is $299.99.

2. ok unregistered

did anyone else notice that the palm centro is on there as well?it hasn't been announced for veizon yet!

3. Tiger Uppercut unregistered

thats sick they are releasing the Alias in Silver. Tioght like a Tioger.

4. tande unregistered

I thought that the decoy was the VX8560. Didn't we find that out at the same time we found out what they were calling the 9700 the "dare". It makes more sense for the 8560 to be a 'decoy' since it looks more like a certain famous mp3 player then a cellphone.

5. George unregistered

I hope that even thoughthe Dare isn't on there, it comes out soon. Better sooner than later...

6. VZW_Emp unregistered

There is also a Verizon Wireless "Compass(TM)" on the rebate sheet as well.

7. some guy unregistered

env2 just failed testing, its been pushed back, it made me sad when i heard it today

8. Ryan unregistered

Failed testing? Source please?

9. unregistered

Yeah, was #8 said.

10. DeeMan unregistered

... the Iris by HTC? What happened to that phone? Is it on the list as well? I'm surprised if it isn't because it's been on VZW's "upcoming" list ( here on PhoneArena ) since December.

11. jskrenes unregistered

Doesn't mean they will necessarily be released. I've seen several phones that have shown up on the rebate form that have never seen the light of day, or that don't get released until the next round of rebates. FYI the current rebate form expires 6/15.

12. detroit313 unregistered

Anyone have any info on that?

13. jskrenes unregistered

It's just a regular compass. But you have to pay $59.99 plus $9.99 a month for VZNavigator or be on the Premium plan to use it. Just kidding, it appears to be a new aircard from Sierra Wireless.

14. detroit313 unregistered

the silver Alias is on VZW website now. Just checked my wifes upgrade status, it looks ok.

15. unregistered

i work for verizon the env2 comes out on april 30 and the 2 yr for the 6900 is $399.99 not $299.99

16. tawnichelle

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

What is that, who makes it and when is it supposed to come out?

17. yippeekaiyaymofo unregistered

Relax, the compass is another USB Broadband modem

18. some guy unregistered

source is the West Area Data President

19. unregistered

What testing? FCC says it passed

20. unregistered

I heard that the glyde is coming out this month. Is it true?

21. Ryan unregistered

Don't count on it #20.

22. unregistered

Yeah, i was just wondering if the LG Dare is like the Blackberry or the Palm's to where you would HAVE to pay more a month on your plan?

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