Several interesting applications for Android – part 3

Several interesting applications for Android – part 3
  • Memento is an application suitable for straight-laced people. We all know such people (personally, we are not of them) – they want everything to be shipshape and well-kept, properly catalogued, sorted by alphabetical order, relative colors or brands and, if at all possible, all of the above at the same time. In a nutshell, Memento enables you to store information about your belongings directly on your handset, including various items, notes on study materials, recipes and what have you. We do like the fact the applications allows you to use a bar-code scanner to enter additional details easily, plus you´ve got the handy option of creating your own product categories. The Pro version is fully functional for 15 days, so you don´t have to pay anything to test the program.

  • SmartAss is a great app and not for its funny name only. The program allows you to create lists of products you want to buy, i.e. shopping lists. This may come in quite handy indeed, since it makes your shopping activities more organized, especially for people like us who can get easily distracted, plus the interface is truly user-friendly and does not bother you with thousands of options while you´re struggling through the crowd in a busy shopping mall. We just hope future editions will add tabs for relevant prices, so people can keep track on their spending. In our case, we would be able to finally find out why our salaries vanish into thin air the second day the money get into our accounts and whether or not that sweet tooth we have is to do with the disappearance...

  • Crazyhamster  is a version of the popular game Whac-a-Mole. Your goal is to hit as many rodents (within 30 seconds) as you can, while trying to avoid smacking female rats (they are pink... who knows, they might be males with penchant for weird clothing really...). The graphics is truly amusing and enjoyable, the game itself is addictive and proper reflexes. Only the Lite version of the title is currently available, but the full edition (paid) is coming soon and will include a mini game called Crazy Party. All told, Crazyhamster Lite offers lot of fun for a totally free application indeed.

  • Your goal in Ballistic Defense is to protect your cities against missile attacks. The game is actually one of the best in this genre (at least from all the titles available for Android) and it´s a shame it comes with antiquated graphics. Still, we do recommend that you give it a shot, because it´s quite addictive and the difficulty increases exponentially as you play, meaning at a certain point it becomes extremely challanging indeed. And the best thing about it? It´s completely free!

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