Send a heartfelt handwritten greeting card from your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad using 'Inkly'

Send a heartfelt handwritten greeting card from your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad using 'Inkly'
Using a combination of your emotions, an iOS app called 'Inkly' and your iOS device, you can send out a handwritten greeting card to that special someone in your life. The process is rather simple. Just get a blank sheet of paper and write your best sugary prose. Use the Inkly app to snap a picture of the paper and you're more than halfway home.

The Inkly app contains a number of cards that you can use. Select one and your handwritten message is added to the inside of the card you've selected and then sent to its destination. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch and Inkly charges $4.00 for the card and 50 cents for delivery. While eventually some printing of the cards will be done in the states and Australia, right now the cards are printed in the United Kingdom. We should also add that you need to own the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 5, 5th generation iPod touch and third generation Apple iPad (and most likely the Apple iPad 4 and iPad mini) in order to use the app.

Will the recipient of the card be fooled into thinking that you took the time to send a handwritten card? Inkly swears that your laziness will never be detected. A version for Android is said to be on the way.

source: AppStore, TheNextWeb via Gizmodo


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