Sea Stars hands-on

Sea Stars hands-on
First it was the birds and their mayhem, then not too long ago we checked out a goldfish getting its way back to its fishbowl, and now it’s time for us to check out yet another simple and straightforward game starring none other than a dolphin. Well folks, we’ve been checking out this addictive game called Sea Stars, which actually has been made available for some time now for iPhone/iPad users, but most recently, it has made its way over to the Android Market. Thankfully, it’s sporting a price of free for both platforms – so yeah, no cost to you whatsoever to check it out.

Essentially, the premise of the game is to control Dante the dolphin as you maneuver this speedy flipper through the ocean – while avoiding obstacles and picking up some coins, upgrades, and power-ups along the way. In terms of visuals, it might not boast 3D graphics of some kind, but nevertheless, this 2D game is filled with plenty of colorful backgrounds and characters to wow our eyes. By default, Dante can swim down by long pressing anywhere on screen, while releasing it makes him swim up, and eventually jumping higher above the waves. Depending on the power-up, Dante will find himself aided by the many sea creatures that modify his movement – like Oscar the orca, Teeter the otter, Shelly the sea turtle, Mr Puddles the penguin, or Niji the Narwhal. Furthermore, the upgrades that we pick up can reward us with coins, speed bursts, or simply clear the area of obstacles.

In the end, we find ourselves simply trying to beat our score from the previous run, such as swimming farther than before. Obviously, you’re going to need quick reflexes with this one seeing that as we progress, the obstacles become more difficult – and ultimately, that’s what makes the game so very fun. And seriously, who doesn’t like a game that’s free to play? We’re certain that some of you will fall in love with its mechanics and colorful presentation, but it would be a great idea to give yourself a break every now and then because it can become rather hair-raising after staring at our device’s display for some time. Therefore, if you’ve grown pair of wings and moved past Angry Birds, then maybe it’s time to test your skills out in the open water with Sea Stars? Why not?

source: Android Market


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