Saving Yello hands-on

Saving Yello hands-on
So what do you get when you place those tempered birds from Angry Birds with a lonesome goldfish looking to flounder its way to its water bowl? Well, it’s an addictive, yet simplistic game called Saving Yello, which has recently made its way to the Android Market. Although it has been available as an iOS game for some time now, Android users will now be able to experience this lovable game. Of course, you can download the game for free, but you’re only limited to the first 10 levels of the game – meaning, you’ll need to shell out 99 cents to unlock all the rest. Trust us, it’s worth the investment as it sports some intuitive and fun loving gameplay that’s sure to keep most people preoccupied.

Similar to the presence of Angry Birds, the main objective of the game is to get Yello the goldfish all the way back to the comforts of his fish bowl. Naturally, the first few levels help to establish the gameplay, as we’re constantly flinging the flappy fish all the way to its end goal. As we progress, we’re faced with a plethora of obstacles that make it even more difficult of getting Yello to his fish bowl. Graphically, it’s very colorful and animated with its presentation, and the accompany sound effects and music are very tasteful for the gameplay.

Rather than being your typical run of the mill fling and go type of game, we’re given various power-ups that enable Yello to bypass tougher obstacles – such as the dynamite one that makes Yello explode upon impact, the snowflake that turns blocks into ice, fire power up that burns wooden obstacles, and one makes Yello grow spikes to attach to surfaces. Furthermore, the gameplay is made more challenging by the use of hooks in later levels that fling Yello around.

Ultimately, we find Saving Yello as an engaging and addictive game that should easily keep most people attuned to its intricacies. Therefore, if you’ve managed to get through Angry Birds and its version, you should no doubt check out Saving Yello for another challenge.

source: Android Market


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