Screenshots appear of the Reddit app for Android beta

Screenshots appear of the Reddit app for Android beta
Last week, we told you that a closed beta test had started for the Reddit app for Android. Reddit fans have been waiting for a mobile app for the messaging site, and one for iOS will also be tested soon. Today, screenshots of the beta version of the Android app were leaked, revealing some interesting features. For example, there will be a handy night mode that uses white text on a black background making it easier to view with reduced background light, or with the lights off.

The app is said to be buggy, but it is in beta and is still going through the polishing required to make it a smooth, stable app. The closed beta testing involves about 2000 Android powered Reddit users, which means that the odds don't favor you getting the opportunity to put your personal imprint on the Reddit app.

If you want to see what the Reddit app for Android looks like at this stage of the game, click on the slideshow below. Keep in mind that these are not the final designs, and there is no word yet on when the app will drop the beta label.

source: AndroidAuthority



1. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

What? Android is still on beta? No wonder it lags frequently.

2. joevsyou

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I love reddit! my day isn't complete without spending 2-4 hours on it a day. I use reddit is fun app and it's really good app so lets see if they can as good if not better

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