Screenshot shows possible support for YouTube in Windows Phone 7?

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Screenshot shows possible support for YouTube in Windows Phone 7?
Windows Phone 7 is shaping up to be one visually intensive mobile operating platform that can easily catapult itself among the big rollers in the industry – even though we're still waiting for the platform's official launch. Naturally media will always come into play with any mobile platform since a broad range of consumers rely on their devices to pass by the time. It so happens to be that YouTube is one popular destination for most people, but there has been no indication that Windows Phone 7 would offer a dedicated app of some sort. However, there was a photo included in a tweet from former Microsoft Silverlight program manager Justin Angel that provide some inkling to the possibility that there is going to be some kind of YouTube support with the platform. If you take a closer look at the screenshot, you'll find a YouTube icon at the beginning of column 6, but it's also has “Music Hub Add-On” labeled on there. It would seem like it won't be a separate app, so don't expect to have your hopes raised just yet. Granted though they're still at the early stages, we'd imagine that YouTube will be heavily featured as time goes on, but it would be very compelling for them to get it fully integrated with the platform from the onset.

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