Scaled down version of the Nexus One headed to India?

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Scaled down version of the Nexus One headed to India?
We've seen many handsets get treated to what some might consider as a mini makeover – meaning that these phones get reduced in size; like the Nokia N97 mini or HTC HD mini. Now there seems to be a rumor that points to Google's own flagship device, the Nexus One, getting a similar treatment as a “scaled down” version of it may see itself make a touchdown in the emerging markets of India. The rumor goes on to hint that it will be a totally new device with the internal specs and camera also getting the reduced treatment. It has some validity as it might be able to land itself in the hands of more people over there if the price will be reasonable. Although the HTC Legend may not play to the same level of the Nexus One, another rumor points that a modified version of the Legend might be the device in question that'll land in India – it would offer the stock Google experience as opposed to having the Sense UI. There may be more concrete information provided down the road as Google's Eric Tseng will be hosting a panel next week to talk about the strategy they'll tackle on for the Nexus One.

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