San Francisco merchants to offer promotions and discounts for Apple Pay users this week

Since its debut two years ago, Apple Pay has grown into a serious profit driver for the iPhone maker. It brought a $7.04 billion revenue in the past quarter and it's going to grow with added focus on P2P payments, money transfers, and prepaid Apple Pay Cash cards. Now, Apple is looking forward to expanding the service's user base by means of good old-fashioned marketing.

Between June 23 and June 25, Apple will be running a promotion for Apple Pay users in San Francisco. A total of 20 merchants in the Hayes Valley and Marina areas, such as Azalea, Blue Bottle Coffee, Dish, Minimal, and Welcome Stranger, will take up to 25% off orders paid via Apple Pay. Other discounts include Souvla's Crumbled Melamakarona frozen yogurt for $1, large Double Decker fries for $1, and a free gift card from Aether.

Stores specific to the Marina area to partake in the promotion include Over the Moon, Peet's Coffee, Gala, and Pladra. Additionally, Caviar and Square will offer $5 off purchases, while Spot Hero will take 50% off parking in SF, and Pay By Phone will hold a contest for one month of free parking.

Does any of that sound appealing to you? Tell us what you think in the comments below!




1. Klinton

Posts: 1408; Member since: Oct 24, 2016

Great! BTW his will promote Samsung Pay too. The best pay service.

2. PrYmCHGOan

Posts: 335; Member since: Sep 28, 2016

I see lots of people with iPhone's, that have access to Apple Pay, and they don;t even use it. Like when I ride with a group, the vast majority have iPhone's, and many places we stop accept Apple Pay and none of them use it. Then they see me pay with my watch or phone and they say that's cool I didn't know they could do that. Then I tell them iPhone has something similar and they say they didn't know. Haha...carry a phone for months and not know what its capable of proves stupidity. Then at work at my company, all the PM's use iPhone's because we buy them for them. None of them use Apple Pay or even have it set up. I have exaplined how Toenization works, but they say they don't feel safe putting credit card info in a phone. So I asked them, dont you have a card setup for App Store? Yes! Do you shop online? Yes! So then how is it any different?! Many merchants are spending money to accept Apple Pay. McDonald's has provided new machines, which the old ones accepted Apple Pay, but ow on the screen there is the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay logos. Yet I never see anyone use it. The one I frequent the employees always say when I pay with my watch its so cool. Likely why merchants are trying to get people to use it. No one hardly is. And its the same for Samsung Pay. I see people with at least an S6 not know about Sp or even use it. GTE with the times people. Mobile payments are awesome!!!!!

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