Samsung’s special Note 8 edition with 256GB storage is twice the iPhone X price


Samsung has partnered with the "creative art brand" 99Avant to unleash no less than 99 special edition Galaxy Note 8 phones. What's so special about the stylish and stylus-y phablets, you ask? Well, a new set of wallpapers and icon packs, as well as an artsy case thrown in, and it can all be yours for north of $1800, or the price of two gently used iPhone X handsets. 

We kid, as Samsung also sets these handsets apart from the rest of the Note 8 riff-raff across the street by equipping them with the generous 256 GB of storage, so that's something to consider as well, making the price difference with the hypothetical iPhone X replacements a bit more palatable. 

Only a bit, as once you go 99Avant, you would never look back to the standard peon-y Note 8 edition at just $900. Our biggest worry is that the Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant Edition is unlikely to see the light of day outside of Korea, so you can also tack on some import expenses, if you plan to become the coolest kid on your Note 8 block.

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