Samsung's new DRAM should super-charge mobile devices

Samsung's new DRAM should super-charge mobile devices
Some have been asking when we would see mobile devices that come with more than 1 GB of RAM built in, but Samsung has decided that it would be better to just make the RAM that is available more efficient and faster. To that aim, Samsung has developed new DRAM that should super-charge next-gen mobile devices. 

The DRAM is based on 30nm 4Gb LPDDR3 packages and is said to be 1.5 times faster than LPDDR2, while consuming 20 percent less power. The new chips can transfer data at 1600 Mbps, but if manufacturers stack two chips together, Samsung has enabled the use of a single 1GB package, which would have a data transmission rate of 12.8 GBps. 

Samsung says that the DRAM upgrade is "needed to support faster processors, high resolution displays and 3D graphics in high-end next generation mobile devices." Samsung will begin providing samples of the chips to manufacturers next quarter, and will be mass-producing the chips this year in order to encourage wide adoption in devices set for release next year. 


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