Samsung showcased six new phones in Holland

Samsung showcased six new phones in Holland
Those Dutch people don’t really know how to keep a secret about new unannounced phones, do they? Back in October, they showed what the 2008’ line of Motorola phones may look like and now, reveal six, still unannounced Samsung phones. Although the information comes from three different Dutch sites, it seems the devices were all showcased at the same event. All these are for the European market, and their models start with “SGH-“.

Samsung U800 looks like a slim (9.8mm / 0.38”), all-metal candybar with a design language resembling the Soul, but equipped with an ordinary (not touch sensitive) D-pad. It is 3G-capable GSM with a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

The Samsung i900 is a rival of the LG KS20 and HTC Touch; a small and stylish Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone. Unlike its competitors, the Korean device is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, so it may also pretend for some multimedia functionality.

Samsung L870 is the other new smartphone, but in contrast to the i900, this one runs on Symbian S60, just as the G810. It is also a slider, but trades the 5-megapixel camera with optical zoom for a 3-megapixel one and a slimmer (13.5mm / 0.5”) body.

The last three models are not that interesting, as they are from the lowest class, so don’t look for any innovations here. They are expected to be very cheap and suitable for the customers using pre-paid plans.

Samsung M620 and B510 are two simple tri-band GSM phones in slider form factor. Neither of them pretends to be slim (M620 is 16.9mm and B510 is 18.1mm), nor multimedia friendly. Both have FM radios, but probably lack slot for memory expansion and only M620 has a camera, and a mediocre VGA one too. There is no specific information on their displays, but we guess both are with 176x220 pixels resolution, 262k TFT for M620 and 65k CSTN for B510.

Samsung B300 is the simplest of all, a dual-band clamshell with internal color STN display and external monochrome one.

sources: i900 and entry-levels, U800, L870

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