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Samsung reveals Samsung Galaxy Camera 2; snapper coming to CES

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Samsung reveals Samsung Galaxy Camera 2; snapper coming to CES
Before the end of last year, there were rumors circulating about a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Camera. On Thursday, Samsung officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will be on display at CES starting January 7th. The device, which Samsung says doesn't "sacrifice style for technology," has updated specs including a quad-core 1.6GHz processor. The 2000mAh battery lets you snap away for hours. And of course, the Android platform makes it easy for photographers to find their way around the device. The screen is a 4.8 inch HD Super Clear Touch LCD.

The 16MP BSI CMOS sensor helps record images that are colorful and sharp and the massive 21 x Optical Zoom lets the photographer get closer to his subject without having to move. The camera is equipped with 2GB of RAM and if you need a place to store all of the pictures you take, the Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with 50GB of DropBox cloud storage which is free for two years.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, photos can be easily shared. "Tag and Go" is a feature that lets the Galaxy Camera 2 pair with an NFC enabled smartphone so that photos can be easily shared between the two devices. "Photo Beam" allows the paired smartphone to receive the picture being looked at on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and "Mobile Link" allows pictures to be sent from the camera to a paired smartphone on a specific schedule. You can even control the viewfinder of the camera from the display of the paired smartphone. The 28 pre-set "smart mode" settings can turn any newbie into a professional photographer. And the new "Selfie Alarm" takes five consecutive high-res shots so you can pick the best one to post on your social network. Videos are also improved thanks to "Multi Motion Video" which allows the user to speed up or slow down captured videos from 8 times slower than normal to 8 times faster.

No launch date or pricing was mentioned in the release. That information will probably be revealed at CES, so stay tuned.

source: Samsung


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