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Samsung releases television ad starring Bixby


Bixby is on television! No, not Bill Bixby the late actor who starred in The Incredible Hulk, My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie's Father and other shows. We're talking about Samsung's AI assistant that debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Bixby's voice capabilities launch today in the U.S. after a delay. The ad is actually clever and starts out with a man using Bixby to translate the fortune cookie that he received at a Chinese restaurant.

The man's fortune says that "Today is your lucky day." Who wouldn't want to see that prediction coming from a cookie with magically predictive capabilities? So he demands that Bixby send a text to someone named Jenny (Lopez, perhaps?) asking her out on a date. Spotting a bus shelter ad for shoes, our Samsung wielding star takes a picture of them. This calls up a link from Bixby that allows him to purchase the footwear with a tap of the phone. Still thinking that he is in the midst of a lucky day, our hero buys some lottery tickets at a store and asks Bixby to remind him later to check the results when he gets home.

Does our hero win the lottery? Does he sweep Jenny off her feet? Or does midnight pass, the lucky day ends, and Jenny dumps the Bixby user before he finds an eviction notice on his front door. To find out, click on the ad at the top of the story.

With all of the competition in the personal assistant arena this year, now is a good time for Samsung to let everyone know that it has skin in the game too, especially now that Bixby's voice features are ready for prime time.

source: Samsung
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