Samsung reigns supreme over the US smartwatch market, Pebble is also important

Samsung reigns supreme over the US smartwatch market, Pebble is also important
According to a report issued by the NPD Group, Samsung and Pebble are the only manufacturers that made an impact on the US smartwatch market since October 2013. The NPD has it that almost half a million smartwatches were sold in the US since then, with Samsung capturing 78% of total revenue (of $96 million), while Pebble’s smartwatches accounted for 18% of revenue. This means that other manufacturers held a 4% revenue share, thus being quite unimportant.

The fact that Samsung is the leader when it comes to US smartwatch sales shouldn’t surprise us. Last month, we told you that Samsung had shipped 500,000 Gear smartwatches around the world in the first quarter of the year, grabbing 71% of the global market.

NPD says that only 20 percent of consumers in the US are currently interested in buying a smartwatch. Earlier this year, we ran a poll and found similar results: most consumers don’t think smartwatches are worth it just yet. Still, in the near future, Android Wear and Apple’s rumored iWatch should drive smartwatch sales up, possibly faster and higher that we’d imagine.

source: NPD Group


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