Samsung pushes out the first Galaxy S III OTA update to "improve stability"

Samsung pushes out the first Galaxy S III update to iron out kinks and improve stability
Samsung has already began to push out the first OTA update for the Galaxy S III, shortly after launch, and it has a pretty short changelog, only indicating "improved stability". Just hit the Software Update button in Settings and the phone will download and install it for a few minutes.

The update size depends on your initial configuration, ours was about 9MB, but there are reports for 31MB+, and whatever it improves is really not noticeable. We played around with the phone in the office before and after, and the Galaxy S III was smooth as ever.

Still, the first update is coming very short after launch to iron out any teething problems that might have risen with daily usage, showing dedication on Samsung's part to keep things in prompt order with its flagship Android handset. After the update, our software version changed from I9300XXLEF to XXLF2, and that's about all the change we noticed.

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