Samsung presents the evolution of its phone displays in new infographic

Mobile (or cellular) phones have come a long way since 1973, when the world's first functional handheld device - a Motorola phone weighing 1.1 kilograms - was produced.

Samsung was one of the companies that started thinking about mobile communication devices in the 1980s, managing to release its first handheld phone in 1988. Back then, the South Korean giant probably didn't envision that it would have the beastly smartphones of today.

To illustrate the evolution of its mobile displays, Samsung compiled an infographic that includes 12 of the most important handsets launched over the years. It starts with the phone from 1988 (SH100, a bulky device featuring a tiny monochrome screen), it reveals Sammy's first color display flip phones from the early 2000s, its first touchscreen handset (the SCH-W850, which wasn't a smartphone), and ends with this year's Galaxy S4 and Note 3 (which, as you may know, are Samsung's latest high-end Android models).

We've split the infographic into 6 images for a more comfortable view:

source: Samsung Tomorrow
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